Wobbling the Whiteboard

Five satirical squibs
by Kim Lee

Publication Details:
6 November 2003
Paperback 64pp
RRP: $17.95
ISBN: 1 74008 242 7

In these satirical pieces Kim Lee accompanies the reader on a misguided tour of the antipodes... with comfort stops along the way to reflect upon the principal inanities of antipodean life.

Competition policy, political correctness, the case for procrastination, universities infected by corporatism, the aspiring politician as manager of a rock band in the 1960s - the loops and whirls depicted in these stories float into view like fatuous scribblings at a seminar from hell, on a white board we have come to dread.

Where else but Australia! That sunburnt country, land of youth, where satire soon turns into gospel truth.

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