The Choro Trail

An Archaeological Hiking Guide Ancient Highways of Bolivia Series
by Lindsay R. Hasluck

Publication Details:
September 2014
Paperback 88pp
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 0 908215 08 8

A versatile pocket size hiking guide that gives you not only the essential hiking information that allows you to enjoy the Choro Incan trail at your own leisure, but it also encourages you to make your own archaeological discoveries. While hiking you can also understand the ancient history and cultures you are passing through, just step off the path to find overgrown ruins of towns and tambos. The author, Australian archaeologist Lindsay R Hasluck, uses his ten years of experience in Bolivia to personally guide you with all the information on water, food, camping and the local people and history, that you will need to safely and expertly explore the ancient past

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